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SO many Achievers in March!

The first two weeks of March are a couple of the busiest in sports. I'm going to do individual summaries but I'm just too excited right now. SO, here's some achievement splatter! Softball: The girls are killing it. Special congrats to Freshman, Brynn Nevers who made the Varsity team and is starting the season with 5 RBI and 2 runs over 3 games.

Volleyball: There are so many big tournament wins...Let me congratulate D1 college commits, Mia Ruffolo to the University of Connecticut and Paule Augustin to Southern Utah University. Soccer: Oh gosh, there are so many of you. I'm going to shout out Jenna Stayart and Ashley Rocco who have both been called out as top individual players by their conferences. Jenna has already posted a 3 goal game and seems she can only be held back, temporarily, with elbows to the face. And Ashley is literally making the competition walk off the field because they can't keep up with her. Oh gosh, And Freshman Varsity player Riley Raynor is pounding at the goal too! Track and Field: Consistently, in each conference, the kids to watch, are DEA kids. Brielle Rochester's 5:08 mile and Katrina Schlenker at 4:57. Katrina, Brielle and Kathleen Baker, dropping 800's under 2:20.

Kathleen and Olivia Helmer combine as intimidating individual and relay, 400 and 200, studs that have dominated meets. Did I mention that all of these runners are Fresh/Soph? Wahoooo! Egads, I'm looking forward to individual posts on each of these and more. Whew, spring is busy!

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