07/20/2020, Performance Anxiety,  Covid Care, Individual highlights, Schedule and Stuff

07/20/2020 schedule and stuff TOPICS: Performance Anxiety, Covid Care, Individual highlights, Schedule and Stuff Covid Care This week, 340 people have been brain swabbed at the Lake Zurich High School, open testing site. An outstanding statistic...so far, zero additional infections (that we know of) past the 30+ who either attended or are associated with the now famous LZ party. This does reinforce the DEA policy of staying away from enclosed social groups. If your friends are going to a party that will have even a moment indoors or under a roof, JUST SAY NO. And keep the rest of us safe. Of note, if you are going to a Lake House, the mosquitos are coming for you at about 8pm...don’t ge

Out at Home Plate

Congratulations to Sydney Palladino for the attention she has been getting on the field. Her team is celebrating a solid winning season early on. Sydney, a catcher, has had several solid hits and batted in runs. This weekend, a teammates' father asked, "when did you get those wheels Syd?!" Sydney has been putting emphasis on her speed in training. In her latest tournament, she frustrated the competition as she routinely threw girls out trying to steal second. In one instance, the ball snuck by her. The girl on 3rd underestimated Sydney's new speed and tried to steal home. Sydney grabbed the ball and dove back for the plate in time to get the out. The crowd went nuts. Thank

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