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DEA Nation is no longer accepting new trainees, as we pursue other achievements. 
Thank you for your dedication for the past 10 years!

To ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to join the next generation of leaders.

No matter where you live in the United States there are always tools in place to assist you in bettering your life. Whether through sports, art, or education, there are almost always opportunities to experience and grow. Unfortunately, the obstacle that most often inhibits programs from achieving their full potential is lack of funding. That’s where DEA Nation comes in.

We believe that the financial capability of a family should not determine their ability to engage in developmental community programs. This is one of the reasons that we at DEA created our park district, municipal and mentorship programs. We understand that participating in individual or group sports, art, and educational programs offer many different opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, encouragement of self-exploration, and critical thinking skills.

Through our partnerships with schools, local businesses and key people who share our values, we hope to enhance community awareness of safe sports participation, sportsmanship, anti-bullying efforts, character building, social understanding, and the meaning of true personal achievement.

We know that it is imperative that children learn to express their emotions and ideas in an understanding and socially aware manner. That they understand how their actions, and their words, affect themselves and those around them.

We believe that, through the development of these skills, the foundations of success can truly be laid in stone.


At DEA Nation we have made it our mission to help as many people as possible to get the most out of the opportunities laid before them.


Together we can create a Nation of Dedicated, Educated Achievers.

Current Scholarship Athletes
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