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The primary focus of this program will be to enhance your athletic abilities. Regardless of your body type or the position that you play, All athletes will benefit by improving their power, agility, speed, stability, and reaction. By improving your athleticism you stand a far better chance of preventing injury and elevating your performance during competition. In order to become a better athlete you must be able to perform during competition.

Within this program, you will be challenged throughout your kinetic chain from the lower extremity to the hip/ core complex to your upper extremity. This program will also challenge the energy systems in the manner that will prepare you for your season and help you achieve your athletic goals. The progressions within this program will give you and/or your personal trainer the guidelines to advance your conditioning in a safe and effective progression. 

The Process

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Quickly get to know a trainer and let the trainer know what you want to accomplish.  Then, schedule an assessment!



Meet the Trainer***Perform a basic physical assessment***If you think the trainer sounds like somone you can see spending your most physically stressed momets becoming a stronger and faster you, then you might as well be sore tomorrow!   Start your baseline test!


Baseline Test

We will document todays speed, strength and vertical power.   In 90 days, you will improve by 5%, guaranteed.

Pick a training package


Body Shock Training

1 day / week:  Your schedule may not allow for more.  This is a great opportunity to learn technique and keep your body prepaired for change. 4 visits / month for $99/month ($24.25/visit).  Scholarships and assistance are available at your request.


What the Doctor Ordered Schedule

2 days / week:  Your body begins to forget what it has learned after 48 hours.  That time may be a little longer for athletes active in their sport.  So, two days may be just what you need to start feeling stronger and gain an edge.  8 visits / month for $119/month ($14.90/visit).  Scholarships and assistance are available at your request.


Over the Top Training

6 day / week training plan:  3 days / week in house, 3 homework trainings / week, meal assistance after 30 days, suppliment assistance after 60 days, performance guarantee over 90 days. 12 visits / month for $149/month ($12.41/visit).  Scholarships and assistance are available at your request.
Easily the best training I have seen for any sport.

Mary S.

The greatest value per dollar out there.

Brian B.

Coaches have a great balance between pushing kids to their limits and beyond yet still respecting their limitations. His approach is positive and uplifting, while still challenging the players to push further and dig deeper. 

Todd S. 

My son didn't stop talking at all about this training for a few days. He is waiting for the next one and I'm going to book this week. I'd highly recommend Coach Terell and the DEA Team! 


It was a great workout that tested my skills and conditioning. I will definitely be going back to work with them again!