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Until Next Time

After 10+ years of working with some of the area's most dedicated athletes, DEA Nation is ending this chapter. We want to thank you for the memories we have created in:

  • planning & hosting events,

  • training athletes,

  • signing high school athletes to colleges/universities,

  • supporting students in education,

  • and making DEA a family!

At DEA Nation we made it our mission to help as many people as possible to get the most out of the opportunities laid before them. Together we have helped to create a Nation of Dedicated & Educated Achievers and we are SO proud of all that we have accomplished with our community.

We believe this is the best time to move forward. Our members are top of their classes academically and athletically. Each of us may be moving forward with our next chapter, however, we will always support and stand by those who have supported and stood by us and our mission.

Thank you, and SO many hugs!


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