November, Body Weight, Knee and Shoulder Homework

Family, we talk about the homework monthly and more. Yet there are only a few of you taking advantage. Kory Brown and I took some time to put this together and our own Kathleen Baker sewed the clips together for us. Included is the November, Body Weight Homework to compliment our weekly, on site, routine. Additionally, each of these workouts has elements specifically designed to protect your knees and shoulders. Especially emphasizing protection against ACL and rotator cuff injury. There are three routines in this video. Each one is about 3.5 min after the other. YES YES YES, you have to do some note taking. Maybe next time I'll do a full length video for you...maybe. Take spec

More Skill, Same Celebration

Mia Ruffolo has been making the most of her freshman year at UCONN where she is on the court and playing Libero. It's great to see that a rigorous schedule of classes, training and games doesn't diminish her on the court personality! Check out this UCONN Insta post!

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