Twitter shows DEA Nation athlete love

It's super fun when you log into your social accounts and have a Twitter notification from Southern Utah University that DEA Nation athlete Paule Ceneac is front and center. Paule, had some days in the last few years! But those days eventually led to at 10'6" jump touch. And trust me, when I find the video of you touching 10' for the first time...we'll post that too;-) We have come a long way from 8th grade basketball to Division 1 volleyball player, Paule! Congratulations!!!

'Setter? You need a setter?'

Maddie Moran has been playing volleyball for one full year. But she hasn’t let her lack of volleyball touches hold her back. Her extra athleticism has carried her far and her training ethic at DEA Nation is pushing her over the top. As an athletic person with a great set of leapers, Maddie was quickly placed as a Middle on her 8th grade teams. While trying out for Coach Naymola and Huntley High school’s dominant volleyball program, Maddie noticed there was setting void. She stepped up and literally said, “Coach, if you need another setter, I’ll try it.” BAM, Maddie is the only Freshman moved up to the Sophomore team...and she’s setting! Congratulations Maddie!

No Pressure for Future Leaders

In the words of one excited mother, "No pressure, right?" With several team leaders moving on, including DEA Nation athlete Mia Ruffolo (University of Connecticut Libero), the Barrington Volleyball head coach is looking to new leaders on the court. Three of those varsity leaders include DEA Athletes, Felicia Guagliardo(jr), Campbell Paris(fr) and Jessica Horwath (fr). "Jakubowski said. 'We will be led offensively by freshmen Campbell Paris and Jessica Horwath along with sophomore Amanda Cleary. Felicia Guagliardo and Amelia Sigaev will run a fast-paced offense.'" Thanks to the Arlington Heights Post for the press!

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