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Week 2 Basketball Update & Players of the Week!

Congrats to our 14U black & 15U Black team on winning the championship in their respective divisions!! We also had 3 teams that finished in 2nd place in their divisions! While we still have continued improvement to strive for, we feel like we are taking the right steps to get there!

All of our players gave their all and competed well this past weekend, there were two kids that stood out above their peers. Our week 2 players of the weekend are:

Connor was absolutely sensational on both ends of the floor for his team. He led the team in scoring with 11ppg. Connor was also the team leader in rebounding, and blocked shots. He was the engine for his team in their championship victory over ALL IN Athletics. We look forward to continued success and improvement from Connor the rest of the season.

Isaiah was at the center of his teams championship weekend. He controlled EVERYTHING around the basket. Isaiah led his team scoring, rebounding(over 8 per game) and blocked shots. He was a nightmare matchup around the basket for all opposing teams! The future is definitely bright for Isaiah. Keep up the good work!

Schedules for next weekend's competition will be posted to the perspective teams pages by Thursday Afternoon!


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