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WELCOME sky high volleyball!

DEA Nation is very excited to be partnering with Sky High Volleyball to offer a program to improve the speed, strength, and endurance of all their athletes! 

During these following along videos we will take you through the entire workout from start to finish! All of the training videos you will be presented will have multiple athletes demonstrating variations of each exercise. If you have access to equipment, GREAT! If you don't have equipment, we have variations available for you too! We encourage you to push yourself and also be aware of your abilities and limitations. 

If you are experiencing any pain or are recovering from an injury please contact us at so we can arrange a time to discuss options for you to still get those gains while taking care of your body. 

Warm up

Warm Up

This warm up should be done before every workout. 

Alternating every 30 seconds for 3 minutes. This replaces a 1/2 mile run. 

Jog in place

High knees in place

8 seconds on 10 seconds off. This replaces 4x40 yard build ups.

High Knees

15 seconds each arm/leg

Leg swings

Arm swings

1 Minute Jump Rope

week 1 workout 1

Week 1 Workout 1

 (20 sec. on 10 sec. off) X5 -> 2min rest -> next exercise

Hip Thrusters

Wide Stance Deadlift

Bulgarian Split Squat

Front Squat 

Alternating Back Lung

Glute Bridge

week 1 workout 2

Week 1 Workout 2

 (20 sec. on 10 sec. off) X5 -> 2min rest -> next exercise

Side to Side Lunge


Glute Bridge


Jumping Lunges

Jump Rope

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