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July 22, 2020

07/20/2020 schedule and stuff

TOPICS:  Performance Anxiety,  Covid Care, Individual highlights, Schedule and Stuff

Covid Care

This week, 340 people have been brain swabbed at the Lake Zurich High School, open testing site.  An outstanding far, zero additional infections (that we know of) past the 30+ who either attended or are associated with the now famous LZ party.

This does reinforce the DEA policy of stayin...

July 14, 2020

Congratulations to Sydney Palladino for the attention she has been getting on the field.  Her team is

celebrating a solid winning season early on.  Sydney, a catcher, has had several solid hits and batted in runs.  This weekend, a teammates' father asked, "when did you get those wheels Syd?!"

Sydney has been putting emphasis on her speed in training.  

In her latest tournament, she frustrated the competition as...

November 17, 2019

Family, we talk about the homework monthly and more.  Yet there are only a few of you taking advantage.  Kory Brown and I took some time to put this together and our own Kathleen Baker sewed the clips together for us.  

Included is the November, Body Weight Homework to compliment our weekly, on site, routine.

Additionally, each of these workouts has elements specifically designed to protect your knees and should...

November 11, 2019

Mia Ruffolo has been making the most of her freshman year at UCONN where she is on the court and playing Libero.  It's great to see that a rigorous schedule of classes, training and games doesn't diminish her on the court personality!

Check out this UCONN Insta post!

September 29, 2019

Woodstock holds a 16-1 season and 6-0 conference record!

It has been a great pleasure watching and working with Hanna Berry, Sophie Wicker and the other members of the Woodstock volleyball program.  

A whole lot of summer training and the addition of Ella Wicker to help drive defense for the Woodstock Streaks has resulted in a fantastic 2019 season.

The really unique part of the team is the number of players who are all cl...

September 29, 2019

It's super fun when we read a Northwest Herald article about our athletes!  

Katelyn Bower mentioned to the paper that she attributes her gains on the court to her effort off the court training.

In the next paragraph, so did her coach, Karen Naymola!

Then it clicked...wait...That's DEA Nation she's talking about!!!

Here is a link to the article.  

September 13, 2019

Dylan Schmidt is generally a quiet, energetic, and respectful athlete who has been training with DEA Nation since 7th grade.

Dylan stepped into Huntley High School with a passion for football.  His effort in training and football IQ helped him make the Sophomore team as a Freshman.  

When Dylan competes, that quiet energy turns into focus and power.

In his debut game, Dylan played both sides of the line.  He po...

September 11, 2019

Day in and day out, she had one primary mission: "Make me jump higher, Jay."

So, it was exciting to see a our Division 1, Southern Utah University (Big Sky Conference) volleyball freshman, Paule Ceneac, take the court and immediately drive this quick set to the floor against MTSU (CUSA).

September 10, 2019

DEA volleyball athlete, Mia Ruffolo, pushed through fears and pressures to step up to the challenge

of being a Libero recruit at the University of Connecticut.

The challenges, physically and emotionally, were very real for Mia.  And...she stepped up to the line, very literally, and blasted an ace serve in her first Big East game.

We are super proud of you, Mia!

August 27, 2019

It's super fun when you log into your social accounts and have a Twitter notification from Southern Utah University that DEA Nation athlete Paule Ceneac is front and center.  

Paule, had some days in the last few years!  But those days eventually led to at 10'6" jump touch.  And trust me, when I find the video of you touching 10' for the first time...we'll post that too;-)

We have come a long way from 8th grad...

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