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Jay Mabry

8 years of experience personally directing youth and adult volleyball tournaments. Jay is also a founder and partner of the financial planning firm, The Producers Group, based in Itasca. Jay’s networking and business planning experience has positioned him as a center of influence for many competitors and businesses in the Chicagoland area.

Sarah Olesen

Sarah joins the DEA team with over 10 years of coaching experience, a degree in communications and public relations, and a history of community outreach in both athletic and academic fields. Her previous work with park districts and local athletic establishments has made her a valuable contributor to furthering DEA’s mission

Tim Falknor

With over 8 years professional volleyball experience and 3 years experience running athletic events prior to joining DEA's team, Tim has worked with multiple junior volleyball clubs and hundreds of student-athletes in the Chicago area over the years. While he still makes time to play volleyball competitions across the country, Tim dedicates the majority of his time to furthering DEA Nations cause.

Dan Starkey

Dan Starkey has been a long time friend and training partner with the founds of DEA Nation.  We have watched him play in College in America and as he made the move overseas.  We are lucky to have him training with DEA and for DEA while he helps his American Professional Volleyball League Team make marks.

  Dan's standing jump touch of 11' is no joke.  He hopes his drive and belief in DEA training will be a testament to others. 

His passion for success through training coupled with his desire for outreach in the community blends well with the core values and overall mission of DEA Nation. 

Partner Organizations

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, DEA Nation relies on donations to help run our programs. Below is a list of our different donation opportunities including what a donation of that size will do for the children and families relying on DEA Nation. 

**All donation benefits are optional and may be declined at any time



$10/ month sponsors 1 local child for one month of social, academic, or athletic programs

Donors Receive

-Honorable mention as a member of the DEA Nation Support Crew. 

- DEA Nation will honor you with a plaque for your business declaring your dedication to your community. 


$99/ month sponsors 12 kids a year into local social, academic, and athletic programs.

Donors Receive: 

- All benefits listed under Bronze, AND 

- Additional honorable mention on the DEA Nation Events Page.

- DEA Nation will distribute your current direct marketing piece at the beginning of each session. (Every 6 weeks) 

$199/ month sponsors 24 kids a year into local social, academic and athletic programs. 

Donor's Receive: 

- All benefits listed under Silver, AND 

- Your company name will be listed on the back of event shirts. (Seasonally and event appropriate).


$499/ month sponsors 60 kids a year into local social, academic, and athletic programs. 

Donors Receive: 

- All benefits listed under Gold, AND

-A hyperlink to your company website on our Support Crew page. 

-Your company name AND logo will be listed on the back of event shirts. 

- A DEA Nation representative will schedule a personal interview with you and post the highlights on all web and social media sites. 


$999/ month sponsors 120 kids a year into local social, academic, and athletic programs.

Donors Receive: 

- All benefits listed under Platinum, AND

- DEA Nation will issue a local media press release announcing our partnership. 

- Together, we will create a 6x10 banner which will be showcased in the classes your donation helped support. (One time cost of $299 to construct). 

- Your company logo will be prominently displayed on one sleeve of DEA Nation event shirts. 


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